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    I'm trying to look if anyone found a solution to my issue with "controller". Nope, discord can't let me search for controller and throws out every other variant of a word "control" instead. Why can...

  • Kitten Raee comentou,

    @nirvana We don't. Discord's too busy adding more important features, like animated server icons you need to overpay for or trying too hard to be Yet Another Game Launcher Literally Nobody Uses

  • Kitten Raee comentou,

    Agreed, it's really annoying to tell 6 people they all have to turn their webcams off, because you want to play a game and not want a slideshow because Discord is forcing a video stream.

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    Discord Store autoplay

    Who the heck thought that playing YT videos automatically on FULL HECKING LOUDNESS in the store is a good idea and why isn't there any way to disable autoplay? (I imagine it must double, or even tr...