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  • cuddlyfriction criou uma publicação,

    Feature request status

    Looking for chat/play status

  • cuddlyfriction comentou,

    /bump for response /checkstatus for querying rather peoples status is correct

  • cuddlyfriction comentou,

    A option to text /bump where user has quick responses ie :thumpsup: :thumbsdown: subject to being modular tho ie custom sounds etc

  • cuddlyfriction criou uma publicação,

    Feature suggestion - Direct messages

    The text between nitro and you last friend messaged where it says “DIRECT MESSAGES”Submitting a suggestion to be able to click this text upon clicking the text you would be able to tile your most r...

  • cuddlyfriction criou uma publicação,

    Search interaction

    A search feature silimar to "from:" User would search "interaction:" or some key wordYou could put a power to so like "Interaction:<user>4" would search for interactions with the user where you mes...

  • cuddlyfriction criou uma publicação,

    Feature suggestion chromecast

    Chromecast option when watching a friend stream a game. On phone choose between tv speaker phone (still uses microphone) or phone speaker or phone for the call.

  • cuddlyfriction criou uma publicação,

    Beers emoji

    Could you please change the hue on :beers: and :beer: to cola for us non drinkers? new emote :cola: and :colas: another idea is during st patricks to dye all the beers green

  • cuddlyfriction comentou,

    This is exactly why I logged on here great idea ^