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  • Honor orientation EXIF for profile pictures

    Nowadays photos get quickly rotated using the "orientation" metadata tag. When uploading these as a profile picture, discord ignores this tag and places the image without this tag, ending up with a...

  • Report on ban

    Have a toggle to report a user's last 20 messages to t&s on banning the user under the same 50 member min. to show threshold.

  • Personal setting: Max kbps for voice chat

    Allow setting a max download speed for voice chat that discord encodes to a different level (like 32) in case you are on a bad connection.

  • Buy game and nitro codes without discord account

    Have a mobile friendly webpage where you can buy a nitro gift card without needing to login into any account. This could also be used as a way to get mobile-only users nitro.

  • Bot token reset via API

    Allow an endpoint similar to webhooks to force reset token (WITHOUT GIVING BACK A NEW TOKEN) and send an email noting that someone has reset the bot token. This will let random users reset leaked t...

  • Slowmode for DMs

    Ability to set slowmodes for a user/all DMs/Group DMs so if someone spams you like userbots or regular bot accounts you won't be overwhelmed before you can do anything. And there is that time where...

  • Server-wide slowmode

    Allow setting a slowmode across an entire server, so for example a message can only be sent every 5 seconds in any channel in the server

  • Mac overlay


    Especially when macos is supported with the store, add mac overlay support!