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  • Collapsible channel list

    Similar to how you're able to collapse ( hide ) the member list, a button to collapse ( hide ) the channel list would be great, for a more immersive experience

  • Title bar

    Add a toggle switch in appearance to toggle between discords own title bar ( the thin, black one ), and Windows's own title bar ( like how Linux uses the systems title bar instead of discords )

  • Separate permission to prevent members from using animated emojis

    The `allow external emojis` permission allows members to use external emojis from other servers, however, it also allows them to use the animated ones as well. The idea is to add a separate permiss...

  • Add a warning for NSFW bots

    Add a warning on the Bot Authorization page for bots that have NSFW modules ( like how it does for server channels )

  • Toggle to disable animations

    Have a toggle to turn off animations in discord ( typing, loading elements, avatars ) ( for the purpose of speeding up discord, and for those will extremely low end hardware )