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  • Owlen comentou,

    The main reasons why I'm hopeful Discord would be open to supporting Linux:1. Linux is currently not really known for playing well with games, and discord having a 'gamer' audience, this would show...

  • Owlen comentou,

    (this is somewhat a special case but) I personally use a separate discord server for all my notes-It would be a lot cleaner to just message myself, and it wouldn't clutter my server list!

  • Owlen criou uma publicação,

    Wishlist for Game Store

    Simple wishlist for the store so we can save a list of games we want to purchase in the future   also goes along with the gifting feedback post, by knowing what your friends like, you can surprise ...

  • Owlen criou uma publicação,

    Lutris partnership/collaboration to help Linux support/development for the game store

    May not be feasible due to legal reasonsHowever, Lutris is known for having a collection of installers for popular games that only work on Windows, so that they can also work on Linux! maybe a part...

  • Owlen criou uma publicação,

    Wine support for Windows games on Linux (temporarily?)

    Since full Linux game support will probably be decently far down the pipeline, perhaps there would be a way to let us try running games through wine?Many games work natively through wine already, s...