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    Option to Enable/Disable App-Wide Keyboard Navigation

    Please let us choose whether to enable or disable the recently-introduced accessibility features. The most annoying part right now is when wanting to quickly scroll up or down in a channel, using H...

  • Error criou uma publicação,

    Option to Configure Default Channel View

    It would be helpful to have an option to choose which channel we want to be brought to when we visit servers after having opened Discord: last visited channel first channel specific channel (other...

  • Error criou uma publicação,

    Manage Channels & Manage Permissions - Conflict

    Please consider making a change to the Discord permissions structure so that when a member has the Manage Channels permission revoked on role and channel (does not have the Administrator permission...

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    Cute. 🤭

  • Error criou uma publicação,

    Option to Hide Discord System Message

    Suggestion Allow users the option to hide the Discord System Message conversation from their list of private conversations. Explanation I never knew that this was a thing before I suddenly received...

  • Error criou uma publicação,

    Search - Exclude Channels

    Similarly to how we can specify which channels to search in, there should be an option to exclude channels from being included in the search results.

  • Error criou uma publicação,

    Drag and Drop to Create Windows

    Allowing us to drag and drop channels and private conversations to separate "windows", like we can do with tabs in a web browser, would be extremely useful when multitasking.

  • Error criou uma publicação,

    Folders for Private Conversations

    It would be useful with folders for private conversations as well now as we finally have them for servers.

  • Error criou uma publicação,

    Chat Font Scaling - Toast Notification

    You should consider showing Android toast notifications only after the user has released their finger from the glider option ("User Settings" - "Appearance" - "Chat Font Scaling"). Currently, a new...