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    Add option to boost user volumes past 100% on mobile

    In VC, on mobile, maximum audio levels are capped at 100%, whilst Desktop can go to 200%. So instead of just being able to boost the audio level of a quiet user, every other user's volume has to be...

  • Shell criou uma publicação,

    Considerably slower and less-reliable image and message loadinging.


    As per title, cause does not appear to be due to API response times as reported on the status page. Using Version 8.9.7 Device: Huawei P9 OS: Android 7.0, EMUI 5.0.4

  • Shell comentou,

    There has to be some method of monetising the platform, and limiting animated emojis and those of other guilds is an extremely effective method of doing so. If they had made them a premium feature ...