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  • Discting permissions for "Use slashs commands" and "Use context menu"

    I would be really great if it was possible to create 2 distinct permissions for "Use slashs commands" and "Use context menu".If you don't know what is a context menu: https://discord.com/developer...

  • "Report" button for Bot DM

    Discord should add a "Report" button when a bot come DM you,There are a lot of bots "FREE NITRO", "FREE BOOSTS" or NSFW bots which come DM, and Discord must do something They could add something li...

  • Discord Surveys

    Allow us to do surveys on discord.The synstaxe can be for example be:/pool [Question] <Answer 1> <Answer 2> <Answer 3> <Answer 4> (duration)Example: /pool [Who is the best?] <Discord> <Skype> <Team...

  • Birthday gifts!

    It could be nice if Discord add an option to put his birthday, and that would give us the day of our birthday: - Nitro Birthday (1 free game, Send any emoji, 1 mail from Wumpus and Nelly, 1 badge "...

  • Allow Nitro (basic) users to send embeds

    it would be nice if the power of Wumpus allowed users with Nitro (Basic) to send embeds!

  • Canary Badge for Canary-users

    Add a canary badge for Discord Canary Users