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  • Browser Dark Mode Notifications

    When using Discord in a browser and having dark mode enabled, the usual indicators of a message notification in the sidebar (the little dot next to the server icon, and also on a collapsed folder o...

  • Icon to show if a message is already pinned

    Instead of guessing whether a message in the chatbox is pinned - particularly when backscrolling through your message history - it'd be more useful to have an icon next to the message to show wheth...

  • Category Pages

    Allow users to create and sort pagination of a server according to what categories they wish to see. The first page could have pinned favourites as determined by user (with an optional mandatory ru...

  • Image Spoiler Overlay Text

    When sending a message that contains an image, allow the sender to overlay spoiler text onto the message (e.g. "Contains gif" or "tw: spiders") without actually spoiling the contents of the spoiler.

  • Search Within Permissions

    An ability to search within the Role Permissions tab of Server Settings, on a per-role or per-permission basis - for example, searching "manage" within the ``everyone`` role or searching for which ...

  • Move Channels Permission

    Create a role permission to move channels - complete with its contents and pins - to other places in the server, such as a different spot within its own category or to another category altogether. ...

  • In-Server User Indicator

    An indicator, much like the mobile one, that shows if someone is currently within the server. It would be useful for deciding whether to use ``@ here`` in a message, provided someone has a role whe...

  • Download favorite gifs

    We can star gifs as faves, why not also be able to download them?

  • Server User Management - Recent Activity

    In the Members tab of User Management, show when was the last time each user was both online and when they last clicked into that server.

  • Profile Connection Categories

    An ability to drag-and-drop connections into customized categories (e.g. gaming, professional, educational), possibly with a max for both category and connection slots, because not all connections ...