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    Cancelling Nitro for two accounts. Crypto is not welcome on Discord

    Crypto and NFTs do not belong on Discord, nor are they welcomed by the users. This platform has big enough issues with phishing, scams, and spam- there is NO reason to be adding things that will li...

  • (GS) comentou,

    this suggestion basically has two parts: 1. a query like "has: reaction" to search for *any* messages with *any* reactions 2. a query like "reaction: [emoji]" to search for messages that have a spe...

  • (GS) comentou,

    This seems more like a job for whatever library you're using (I'm assuming Discord.js?) rather than the API itself. Maybe make a suggestion over there?

  • (GS) criou uma publicação,

    Pop out/view multiple video streams at once

    I think it'd be pretty handy to be able to pop out and view multiple video streams at once. For example, if someone is playing a game and also has a video stream from their webcam going, it'd be ni...

  • (GS) criou uma publicação,

    Add channel position editing to audit log


    Add audit log entries for when channels are moved around. Should give a readout on the new and old positions as well. This is useful for people who accidentally rearrange channels all the time (eit...

  • (GS) comentou,

    +1, super useful for keeping track of completed tasks or applications that have been given a check reaction/something similar

  • (GS) criou uma publicação,

    advanced role management (logic gates, etc)

    it'd be nice to have some form of more advanced role management where one can have channels open based on a mixture of roles a person might have instead of just having one role decide their access ...