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  • swipe to reply

    PLEASE take away the swipe to reply feature or let us disable/enable?   it has been quite the hindrance

  • Broken/Unlisted Emojis/Emotes/Emoticons

    Many emojis that are listed on desktop are found to either be completely unavailable and not listed on android mobile app, or broken. Instead of the image being sent, the code/name of  the emoji is...

  • Android Mobile Online Activity Icon?

    the online logo/icon for apple users indicate when they are online via their phone (the green phone symbol) and I would love this feature for android as well.

  • Hold down option for mark as read?

    Will the short cut to mark servers as read come back for mobile?

  • Creating Server Invites Mobile


    Would be great to have the ability to create server invite links on mobile!

  • Server Setting Short Cut

    Return the long hold/press feature short cut to get into server settings please!