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  • VictorGamerLOL criou uma publicação,

    Folders upon folders

    This post is all about my suggestion of a folder update. For now, the only things that are considered folders are server folders and categories. My suggestion is how to upgrade all of these to make...

  • VictorGamerLOL criou uma publicação,

    Role folders

    You know how discord made server folders? What if, this was also available for roles? It would be so useful. Think about when you have to manage a humongus server with a heck lot of roles, but you ...

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    Exactly the same here UserID: 642638524981444610

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  • VictorGamerLOL criou uma publicação,

    PC options... On phone

    You know how Discord on pc is more advanced? And I mean in settings. For example, on phone you can't change your tag but on pc you can (changing tag is nitro only), and on PC on manage server you d...