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  • Kowlin criou uma publicação,

    News channels

    Make news channels (or whatever these are https://i.ibb.co/xCt6HZB/Screen-Shot-2019-09-09-at-5-04-14-PM.png) available for everyone to use, not just people with developer licenses or whatever has a...

  • Kowlin criou uma publicação,

    Group Permissions

    Please add group permissions (add users, remove users, etc)

  • Kowlin comentou,

  • Kowlin comentou,

    No. More. Badges.

  • Kowlin criou uma publicação,

    Notifcation Alerts

    It'd be nice if game overlay could give you discord notifications even if you're in Do Not Disturb, it would be nice if there was an option to enable it so streamers don't have their Discord Notifi...

  • Kowlin comentou,

    Panicakr, when you right click on a user in a voice channel as an admin there is an option to disconnect them.

  • Kowlin criou uma publicação,


    I’ve never seen an option/endpoint to disconnect users from Voice Channels in the api, it might already be a thing idk.