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  • Flamez criou uma publicação,

    Photo select counter

    It would be very helpful in case people forgot how many photos they pressed in case they would choose 11 photos and would have to start over to find the specific photos.

  • Flamez criou uma publicação,

    Voice Chat sounds

    It would be easier to know if people join or leave especially when you're texting in a channel and not being able to know if someone leaves

  • Flamez criou uma publicação,

    In call notifications

    It's very annoying not to get notifications from inside a public vc and even in a private call.

  • Flamez criou uma publicação,

    Having our pictures sent in order as we chose it.

    No matter how many photos you may send out of 10 max they always come out in a random order, pls have order.

  • Flamez criou uma publicação,

    Ability to see downloaded gifs from discord gallery

    so at first i thought me not seeing my downloaded gifs from my discord gallery was a bug. Soon to find out its not a feature at all. Make that a feature please?

  • Flamez criou uma publicação,

    Gifs showing in discord gallery


  • Flamez criou uma publicação,

    Optional Dm overrides

    Even if you ae on do not disturb for many servers and dms, can users be allowed to override dm notifcations for people they wouldnt mind getting messgaes from?

  • Flamez criou uma publicação,

    mini vc text channels

    So the idea would be as a small box on the side of a vc where you can chat in there depending on which voice channel you are in and if everyone leaves then the chat auto deletes. (Quick idea I had)

  • Flamez criou uma publicação,

    unread categories

    if you minimize a category it should still glow if someone texted in one of the channels in said category

  • Flamez criou uma publicação,

    Ability to lock your server

    what I mean by this is locking your server from future members who may want to join let's say you're going to bed and afraid of getting midnight raided. You'll set a lockdown from anyone joining fo...