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  • Chippy comentou,

    +1 For some reason, whenever I talk to someone about this, they don't seem to acknowledge this issue.

  • Chippy criou uma publicação,

    in-app Youtube player

    As it is right now, clicking Youtube links or the play icon in the embed in the Android app (may apply to iOS as well, I'm not sure) will open the video link in the Youtube app or the browser, acco...

  • Chippy comentou,

    I'm a bit disappointed that this hasn't gotten any sort of reply from Discord, makes me question if one of the team members even saw it :( Even a "No this won't be reverted, because " would have be...

  • Chippy comentou,

    I want to add that someone on a server I'm on has their nickname set as "!" (without quotes). This user is practically impossible to mention in chat by tapping their nickname. Out of curiosity, I e...

  • Chippy comentou,

    Even on Android it's super inconvenient to go into the file explorer and change the file name, just so it appears as a spoiler. There should be a more user friendly way to mark images and other att...

  • Chippy criou uma publicação,

    [Android] Tapping user icons to mention them

    As of the last version 20-alpha update, tapping user icons to mention them in chat no longer works. Instead, tapping the user's icon brings up their profile (previously tap and hold), and tapping t...

  • Chippy criou uma publicação,

    Censoring explicit user Icons

    Similar to the explicit content filter when trying to send images to a server, user icons should have the same, or a similar feature. If Discord detects a User's icon as explicit, it should blur o...