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  • BlakeB criou uma publicação,

    Remove ping from user(s) when message with mention is deleted.

    As the title says, remove a ping from user(s) when a message with that mention is deleted. This would help prevent ghost pinging.

  • BlakeB comentou,

    I just found out about Chromium WebView's and Electron BrowserView's (Electron specific). This is an even better reason for them to add frame embedding for all websites as this actually embeds the ...

  • BlakeB comentou,

    @username That's the point. It makes sharing large files (Like 1GB or something) easier. The file wouldn't stay on discord's servers and would get deleted after around an hour (or maybe less), so n...

  • BlakeB criou uma publicação,

    Expiring file uploads

    Please allow for expiring file uploads. Maybe this could also allow for a higher size limit?

  • BlakeB comentou,

    Actually, it seems like discord doesn't support video player embedding unless its under a certain whitelist.

  • BlakeB criou uma publicação,

    Embed video player from other services.

    Please allow opengraph or oembed player embeds. I don't get why its limited to a whitelist. Many other social media like twitter allow this, I don't see why discord can't.