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    [Feature Suggestion] Spoiler Option for Server Channels

    Many discord servers which cover fandoms (ie: Star Wars, Disney, movies, games, etc.)  often use the NSFW option for text channels that allow spoilers to be discussed (and use of heavy moderation o...

  • -🦎 Tuqueque 🦎 comentou,

    @Galaxy Network Yes, it is indeed possible to do this, but the method to do this should be simpler... I also want to be able to copy emojis which have been used as reactions (these cannot be copied...

  • -🦎 Tuqueque 🦎 criou uma publicação,

    Suggestion For Nitro

    If you see an emoji that someone used from another server, and you like it. It should be possible to save it so you can use it anywhere... Like the way you can save a sticker in other chatting plat...