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  • Evil Paragon comentou,

    Then just don't make more roles than your server can handle. If a server wants more roles and can handle lag, why not let them make more roles?

  • Evil Paragon criou uma publicação,

    Increase Role Limits for Boosted Servers

    Perhaps 300 Roles for Level 1 400 Roles for Level 2 500 Roles for Level 3 It would be appreciated to have less limitations if people are willing to support the server.

  • Evil Paragon comentou,

    Ignoring people is rude. But people do it. I don't want to be on the receiving end of rudeness, I'd rather play ignorant and assume they haven't read the message yet.

  • Evil Paragon criou uma publicação,

    Allow swapping an emoji for another without deleting it.

    The server I'm on changes emojis for events. It disrupts my frequently used quite a lot. The admins do agree that it's an issue, but they can't do anything about it. The suggestion is that instead ...

  • Evil Paragon criou uma publicação,

    Add spellcheck to British English

    Ultimately, a full understanding of British Spellings would be ideal for the future, but right now, a simple hotfix could just be the American spellcheck. I'd rather deal with squiggly lines under ...

  • Evil Paragon comentou,

    I definitely agree with this, because I much prefer talking to my friend on Discord where I could play ignorant and assume they haven't seen my message yet, than on Facebook where they see it and I...