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  • Ping for toast criou uma publicação,

    Gallery channel!

    users with the "save to gallery" permission can save gifs, audio, images, and videos. even messages.... to a special gallery channel.

  • Ping for toast criou uma publicação,

    Forum in a discord channel!

    This would tie in nicely with roles. it would be like reddit, where each channel is a subreddit, within a tight community.

  • Ping for toast criou uma publicação,

    Add a calendar! (With role integration!)

    calendar with: Time periods Description links to channels/messages/urls AND, the best feature! tie it in with roles. Unlock send messages for @everyone in #channel from 7am - 2pm Disable view hi...

  • Ping for toast criou uma publicação,

    ban messeges and appeals within the client

    optional ban messege stating why they were banned a (up to the mod) a way to appeal

  • Ping for toast criou uma publicação,

    hovering pings

    by hovering over a server you can see pings without diving in

  • Ping for toast comentou,

    ok im just gonna delete it then

  • Ping for toast comentou,

    i am aware, but a leader can not do that for themselves, they need to see all of it

  • Ping for toast comentou,

    you can do that with a admin bot like dyno or mee6, or even dank memer   " você pode fazer isso com um bot admin como dyno ou mee6, ou até mesmo memer idiota

  • Ping for toast criou uma publicação,

    leader nsfw

    i am the leader of my server and do not wish to give the permission up, but on the server is nsfw content. most people can opt out, but it seems that a leader can not, can you add a way for leaders...