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  • lUkE criou uma publicação,

    Previewing your password

    Very minor suggestion, but it would be cool to see a view password option. For an example when you type your password and you want to double check to see if its right before you enter it and miss o...

  • lUkE criou uma publicação,

    A New Groupchat Update

    I'm not sure if this is already a thought and someone already made a post about it but it'd be really nice. I like to run or be apart of group chats a lot and it'd be handy if you could control lik...

  • lUkE criou uma publicação,

    Fourms Support and Feedback

    I think it would be cool for a fourms tab on the Discord App instead of going to a website. Therefore everything is in one section. You could be notified through the Discord App. I think it would a...