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  • Reina comentou,

    I totally didn't make a mistake in the shortcut I sent above where it wouldn't work if you used it from the share menu. Either way, I fixed it now and am resharing it in a new comment because I can...

  • Reina criou uma publicação,

    Bad Contrast - Dark Mode

    Lots of elements suffer from poor contrast. I struggle enough to read some of them with my glasses on. Without, they're almost impossible to read.   Why? It's difficult to read a lot of elements on...

  • Reina criou uma publicação,

    Fix Mobile System Font Size (iOS)

    The current implementation of following font sizes based on system accessibility settings is poor at best (on iOS). It doesn't match the rest of the system and leaves me a connundrum. Do I adjust t...

  • Reina comentou,

    I made a Shortcut to do it from your photo library if anyone's interested. Make sure to read the comment at the top first.

  • Reina comentou,

    Except that the only button I think is really useful there is the library button.   The camera button is useless as pressing the library button would give you access to a camera button (meaning sti...