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  • Hinome comentou,

    Hello Eny, I find this a good idea, indeed, for large servers to have more details about the use of their emojis or stickers.To refine the addition of stickers/emojis, it seems a good idea. Neverth...

  • Hinome comentou,

    Hi Volorient!   This is a very good idea. I also think it would be good to limit to 3 badges next to the profile but also to allow boosted servers to have more. For example :- Unboosted: 1 single b...

  • Hinome comentou,

    Hi,   That's a nice suggestion. And it's good if it's add. We will be able to customize as we want our Discord and maybe create (like templates) css already done and that can be validated by Discor...

  • Hinome comentou,

    Hi! That's a great idea. It can possible to access more simply or find friend easier! I still think it's not a priority for Discord this idea is very good. And maybe, why not, add a "Best Friend" (...

  • Hinome comentou,

    Hi Vioshim,   Pretty good idea on the whole. But I don't upvote it for these reason:     - You can use (for example) the footer (for an ID for example).     - You can use our database instead of us...

  • Hinome comentou,

    Hi Berry,   I'm sorry for you and I don't understand why you didn't get an answer. However, please check if your bot hasn't been added many times by the same person. I think someone added your bot ...

  • Hinome criou uma publicação,

    Adding "Stop request" button on the support request

    Hi ! 👋   I have a little suggestion but can help the support. My suggestion is a button for stop the request (If we have solved the problem or come to an agreement with a malicious person).   A but...

  • Hinome comentou,

    Hey Luyu !   Je me permet de répondre à ta demande (même si je ne suis pas personnel de Discord).   Je pense que le mieux serait d'ouvrir directement une demande sur https://support.discord.com/hc/...