Owner of several small servers and Admin/Moderator of many others. I see myself as a relatively average Discord user, with some odd preferences about the apps I like to use. (For example... no longer using most OTHER social media platforms because I hate recommendations that tell me "we think you should join this group for dog lovers because you liked a picture of your friend's dog. Let us just send you fifty more recommendations on dogs, for the next two weeks")

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    No thanks, to much chaos and it'd mess with the current layout way to much to ever look right... sorry but it's a downvote from me... if you're on desktop, why not open discord on two (or more) dif...

  • Jelly27Fish comentou,

    I like this idea... but I think a "temporary ownership" kind of thing would be a lot nicer for letting someone show you how to do something or granting them permission to change your name or whatno...

  • Jelly27Fish comentou,

    Ok, I'm not against this idea... but I certainly wouldn't be a fan if they let it go past 3 or 4 ranks down... I like things organized but if you let it go on infinitely, you'll end up with servers...

  • Jelly27Fish comentou,

    I agree as long as it's something you could toggle on and off both for how YOU see it and for how others see you... especially if you could choose to change the settings per chat room... I'm not su...

  • Jelly27Fish comentou,

    I can agree in a sense but I would rather they simply add faint message bubbles (like in practically ALL other texting apps) that wouldn't show up to much that it looks bad, but just enough that yo...

  • Jelly27Fish comentou,

    I agree but I think it should go by much higher intervals then 10 minutes... more like 1 hour, 24 hours, 2 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months and "forever" I think lower intervals could still...

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    Activity Screen in the Home tab

    I know it's an odd thing to ask but, as someone who likes consistency and doesn't like how the app opens up the last chat room you had open every time instead of having a set home page to open auto...