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    Scheduling Announcements/ Important Posts

    I think it would be an amazing idea to be able to schedule announcements like if the owner of the server wants to make an announcement at a specific time but won't be online then he could just add ...

  • Adrian Malhiers comentou,

    I completely agree with this and I think it would be an amazing idea to add it cause that way it would be much more easier to have custom games and have recording sessions arranged.

  • Adrian Malhiers comentou,

    I like the idea but instead of it maybe the name could like slide across so people can that way see the channel name and it won't consume extra space as well.

  • Adrian Malhiers comentou,

    I actually agree with this as when I'm creating the rules and info for my server there is not enough space to do so and I have to make it into different parts.

  • Adrian Malhiers comentou,

    You can hold on the profile picture from the message and see the roles but it would be nice to be able to see the roles even when pressing on the text cause sometimes by accident people hold on the...