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  • ShadowEdgehog612 criou uma publicação,

    [SUGGESTION/Feature Request] Server Folders

    So, Server folders have been in discord for a bit now, but one thing that's been bugging us mobile users other than the fact we can't change get to folder settings (yet) is the sensitivity. I think...

  • ShadowEdgehog612 criou uma publicação,

    Adding server shortcuts to desktop/home screen

    It would be pretty cool if we could add shortcuts to servers on our desktop/home screen by right clicking (or long tapping) the server icon, and selecting add shortcut, and maybe we could even add ...

  • ShadowEdgehog612 comentou,

    I think they should also add a sub-setting for "suppress @everyone and @here" in servers that would make it so you can choose what role pings you get notified by, it's really annoying when every mi...

  • ShadowEdgehog612 criou uma publicação,

    Server Folder Settings

    Server folder settings should be available for mobile, i don't want to have to buy a PC or get IOS.

  • ShadowEdgehog612 criou uma publicação,

    New features for channels

    This is just a collection of new features I think we should have for channels. Channel prefix changing I think it would be cool if we could change whether # would be before the name of channels, ma...

  • ShadowEdgehog612 criou uma publicação,

    File download location

    There should be an option to choose where downloaded files go, it's annoying to have to search folders for hours to get everything sorted

  • ShadowEdgehog612 criou uma publicação,

    Server Folder settings for mobile

    Server folder settings should be on mobile. I shouldn't have to go on my PC or go buy an Iphone.