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  • Better mobile website

    The website needs upgrading for mobile some menus don't work and everthing is to close together. Either upgrade it or better yet put it in the app so it's easier to access.

  • Overlay bug for Star Trek Online


    When I'm in game and I use the overlay all my keys registers through into the game. I can't type without a bunch of pop ups coming up. I thought the game was verified?

  • Better Navigation

    Currently when the app is open you have to click the hamburger menu on the top left to get to servers and DMs. Could you change that so it's faster to navigate to DMs and servers faster? It just fe...

  • Heavy Google Integration

    Would like to see more Google inside of Discord.   -Drive for a server bin for sharing items, and for normal sharing as well  -Photos for private sharing as well as sharing to a server -Calendar fo...

  • More integration for games

    Don't know if Discord has this already but no one is using it but an option for a little more integration with games. For example if I'm talking to someone about an item in game but want to share i...

  • Mods Tab On The Game Store

    Since the store is fairly new this would be a pretty good opportunity to have a mods section for the games.

  • Discord Home Screen Update

    I was looking at the Discord home screen and I think it looks great but it seems like the bar where Activity, Library, Store, Friends, and Direct Messages are seems like wasted space. How about del...