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  • C4TEye

    " This will make Discord a social media, not just a community platform. " Yes I agreed it would look really cool if it was done like this.

  • unicorn

    This is already implemented in the home channel in a server but exploring more the idea would be cool

  • Fahmin

    Adding more, Facebook recently introduced chat options to their Facebook groups; pinned message and adding bot feature to their chats etc. I have participated in one of their surveys by Facebook Messenger where they collected their user's feedback on Discord's community features (automod, manual moderation with bot, chat and voice channel feature etc.) and they seem are working closely to compete with Discord to be a strong "community platform" too besides being a vast social media platform. For this, they have already started working to improve their Facebook group, make a sync between Facebook group and Messenger/Facebook chats etc by introducing several community features.

    Facebook is already an established social media, used by billions. Now if they start focusing on community side, and get successful to make a sync between them, it will be an alarming situation for Discord as a community platform and its communities. If Discord does not improve their platform and expand to social media, users would move to Facebook since they are getting both opportunity: a vast social media and a community from them.

  • savethebologna

    Highly encourage an Announcements-driven feed for all your servers. Possibly with an algorithm that punished spammy servers (even as an option).

    Not that I need more advertising in my life, but if it helps Discord financially make ends meet, this is probably the least intrusive place to add them.

  • Eileen Downs

    "This will make Discord a social media, not just a community platform." I think it would be awesome if it were done like that.

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