Ability to record Discord Voice Chat on PS5 console video captures


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  • Lik

    yeah it would be rally cool and in fact an useful feature, but i think u should be able to enable the "Let others record your voice" option in discord itself, and then save that option for when ur on any platform (ps5, xbox, pc, mobile) so it would be way easier

  • Pegasus177

    6 months and this is still not intergrated. Its such a basic feature and has become the linchpin holding most users on Xbox and PS5 back from fully commiting to Discord. Many players on crossplay games like call of Duty, and more recently EAFC 24 , are opting to use the terrible in game voice service over discord, purely because it allows for voice chat to be recorded. They really need to get on this one 

  • Eduardo Fonseca

    15 months and a major update after, this still hasn't been “fixed” yet. I was hoping that with the update to join calls directly from the console this would be solved, but it doesn't seem to be a priority for the devs (which is a shame).

    I really can't understand why they just won't allow it. Whether by Discord or Sony. A shame since it's not worth missing out on recording a few moments with friends just to use the app.


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