When blocking someone, block **all** communication


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  • Nax

    I think this is too extremely and will lead to a lot of confusion to some users.

  • Big P

    What if someone blocks all the mods on a server and starts spamming?


  • 1241Feedbacker

    This could be used for malicious purposes, for example:

    User A sent User B fishy links, threat messages or troubling images.
    User A blocked User B so that User B couldn't identify the person who posted those stuff and warned others accordingly.

    It could also provide confusion, for example:

    Users A and B blocked User C.
    User A sent bad stuff to the server User C moderates while User B was posting stuff.
    User C couldn't identify the offending user and accidentally banned User B.

    Just because you dislike someone and blocked them, it doesn't mean that they should be unable to identify you. But if you still like to remain anonymous from them, there's always the option of deleting your account, although it is not perfect.


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