Discord Team should be able to remove 2FA


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  • Scalla

    Agree, it's not easy letting go of your account specially if it's an old one.

  • sitrik

    Literally shocked at how easy it is to bypass Discord’s 2FA, the amount of hacked accounts I’ve seen over the months is insane. The security system needs to be fixed ASAP!

  • Aprie32

    I don't understand why this Isn't already a thing, the sheer amount of people this has happened to must leave a substantial amount of data they have to pay to leave on the servers right? It just makes sense in every possible way for this to be a thing already to prevent that.

  • Echo

    Say if you are the owner of a high-value discord, having others able to reset your 2FA like that is scary, what if someone had also gotten access to your email?

  • liyasa



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