Add a option to disable/hide/remove Voice message button


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  • Lian

    please add addition of an option to disable/hide/remove the voice message button.
    instead of what it is now

  • RV


    The placement of the button being FORCED is purely idiotic. I will NEVER EVER use this feature - why am I forced to have that stupid button on there, nagging for mic permissions every time I accidentally click on it??

    What is worse is that let's say I disable voice messages on my server, every role is disabled...EXCEPT THE OWNER - ME! So not only did I waste time turning off this dumb feature which I never asked for (and I am a Nitro sub with an "Early Supporter" badge, btw!) - turning it off only did it for everyone else, not me!!!

    And don't get me started on DMs...

    What were the devs thinking here? How did this go through QA? It's just so basic that it boggles my mind that someone thought "yeah, everyone will love this" and just forced it...ridiculous...

    The feature should be a user toggle!

  • Lian

    please listen to the community discord!!!!!
    like you say you do which is clearly pretend!!!

  • eugenia

    Discord developers please look into this feedback 😭😭

    The voice message button is so annoying for mobile users! Add the option to hide the button in settings please


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