Image metadata getting removed


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  • Big P



    just embed the metadata in the alt text of the image instead

  • Topercessen

    I suggest sending images in zipped folders, the metadata won’t be stripped and compression will be avoided.

  • Raziel

    I've seen several different work-arounds being employed, but these work-arounds don't really solve the larger problem this has created: ALL of the existing images have had their metadata stripped. All that information is gone. That's why I didn't even bother responding to Big P, because he clearly didn't understand the impact this change has had on some communities. It's not just a workflow change.

    Work-arounds are an option going forward, but entire communities have lost significant amounts of information that was stored in the metadata of images. Overall I'm in favour of what the update is trying to accomplish, but a more elegant solution is needed, one that can hopefully restore all the lost information and minimise the impacts going forward.

  • Topercessen

    Raziel I highly agree, I had no idea this occurred and my empathy goes out to the communities affected. I wish Discord communicated major changes like this with their community.


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