Auto-disconnect after being in a call alone for 3 minutes


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  • Pyxxy

    i have this same issue i use to have several days worth in one call and now if they need to do something its disconnected and im left to cry cause now i can't sleep, i also hate the sound for the calls it hurts my ears


  • Yuki

    For real. I was always happy that discord had this, so different than others and now I'm sad because I love see the call being for so long.

  • Kubilay Bingöl

    Just sent this issue to support and they say "the feature to disable the call disconnecting after inactivity is currently not in the app" But they are the one who bring this annoying feature at the beginning after all. Why there is no option to toggle it? Like, it's too hard to do while implementing it. I know this will be big problem with my friend in the future. Please everyone, let them hear this problem.

  • Yuki

    They say that isn't in activity in the app but now everytime that my bf leaves to do something Clyde disconnect me, this happens on IOS and Android as well. They should allow us have a choice if we want to disconnect or not, its so easy and everyone will be happy. I honestly don't mind using my bandwidth as long I can keep my call opened.

  • BlueAgent

    I really want to be able to disable the disconnect after 3 minutes.
    I reguarly idle in DMs or groups and also overnight in a sleep calls.

    Discord could definitely just make it so that if no one else is in the call, then it would stop sending the voice data. That should mostly address the bandwidth issues (if it's not already being done?). Anything remaining would be keep-alive kind of messages which wouldn't be much compared to the rest of the bandwith Discord is already using. Loading an image would probably use more bandwith than keep-alive packets over night.

  • Unknown_hero

    Yeah, I found out abruptly about call being disconnected after 3 minutes when I forgot to re-join call on my phone with my bf, it’s really annoying and hopefully should have a solution soon.

    I’ve already read about a lot of people disliking this new feature and it’s very easy to know why. Me and my bf stay in call over night and during the day but sometimes it kicks one of us out for a few minutes so with the new feature it’s just gonna make things worse

  • August

    This is something really annoying that messed everything for me amd my gf up, putting a toggle button for this feature wouldn't be to hard to do

  • Dat

    I totally agree with the option to toggle auto disconnect on and off! This auto disconnect is really annoying. My partner’s phone dies often at night cause of them forgetting to charge it, so I like to wait in call!

    Customer support said back to me;
    “As you already know, that feature is currently not in the app, but if you would like to see changes to these systems in the future, then you can definitely vote up the suggestions at”
    So let’s get a ton of people to upvote this post and many other posts regarding the auto disconnecting!

  • ari

    discord please remove this feature or at least add a toggle option, many users are upset by this new update. it was already a feature on pc and for some reason you guys decided to bring it to mobile.. there was no need to do that. not to mention the time limit from 5 minutes to 3?

    please consider your users feedback, people on here and twitter are upset and you guys probably get emails about this situation as well.

    this was a great feature for long distance relationships and friendships, made many users enjoy using your app.

    EVERYONE VOTE AND COMMENT! the more complaints sent the better <3

  • Soundtrack

    Remove auto disconnect discord, I'm already having a hard time sleeping at night because I can't sleep unless I'm in a call.

  • Noctua

    Why would they even change it so sudden? like, i've heard 0 complain about it before and they just have to add it. i don't get it how they get to this decision.

  • aumeile

    it's 3 minutes on pc now as well (i came here after my pc idle ended after 3 instead of 5) but my overnight calls get messed up now if someone disconnects by accident :(

  • ejox

    Yeaaaaah this was a completely useless change from them. Why not just make an option to make a call not disconnect and instead make it stop sending packets and data etc? Voice chats already do this so I doubt it would be impossible to make.

  • B

    I have been going through all of these threads and I want to leave my two cents

    I am quite dissatisfied with discord on this end not only because it was a nice feature that they removed but because of the lack of information they gave regarding the changes. The auto disconnect was first at 5 minutes and has been reduced to 3 minutes - this was not mentioned anywhere no changelogs no announcement not even a tweet

    however I am more displeased at the mobile portion which used to be indefinite this was changed to 3 minutes again with no announcement or changelog - they don't give you an option and they don't inform you of the changes,. disgusted


    I personally have a hypothesis that this is indeed because they sell data and or track calls (which they can do) and they don't want their agents to have to sift through hours of no speaking because there obviously isn't any information they can sell to larger companies and whatnot 

    -its not like you aren't attempting to sell our data anyways wouldn't you want to keep collecting ;)

  • Emma

    I understand that the call might still take up capacity on their servers without a partner, but I feel like paying for Nitro at least should doable it. Like many other people here, I like to keep an ongoing call with my boyfriend, and this has ruined that for me!

  • clarita ღ

    Very disappointed about this random new feature. Discord bring back overnight calls at least on mobile.

  • H


  • aumeile

    bumping again because 3 minutes really is just too short. this isn't even about ldr/idle calls anymore my computer crashes sometimes and the bootup takes longer than 3 minutes. every time i crash i have to hurriedly get to my phone so the call doesnt drop needlessly. it doesnt happen often but when it does the 3 min disconnect is mad annoying. bump again for all the sleep callers

  • harddude

    Yes I completely agree and it seems they don't care about it because they have been a lot of post about it and nothing has changed. If someone knows another app who does the job I will take it. Thanks

  • Kubilay Bingöl

    7 months and still nothing?.. not sure if they even look at this feedback topics, which shows how much they care about their users.


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