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  • Big P

    Yes, although to guess an attachment you'd need to know the server ID, the attachment ID and the attachment name. Attachment ID and server ID are both between 17 and 19 characters long and can be any (almost) number. Since they both have to be correct lets say that that gives us 38^9 possible combinations, or  about 16,521,610,100,000 possible combinations. The attachment name is case sensitive, so has a-z, A-Z,0-9 and special characters. Attachment names can be up to 1024 characters long. That means that there are 1024!^61 possible combinations. This means there are 5.844731e161023 possible combinations of file name.     

    To put that into perspective, the authentication token for your discord account only has 1.51695e105 possible combinations, assuming the bruteforcer knew your user ID.   

     And yes, if someone had the URL they could share it with people who shouldn't be able to see it, but they could always just save it and reupload it elsewhere, anyway.


    So I wouldn't worry about it



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