AI, Server Management!


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  • vesataa

    would be nice honestly!

  • Wolfshards

    Such Admin perms? Sorry but it's just too risky. Who know if AI could being broken and just messing up the server. Im not agaisn't AI at all but im agaisn't the idea to give AI full control. It's like giving a full set of key to a random child. It's not suppose to work. Remember what's happend with Bing AI or with Tay AI from Microsoft. It's just become horrible and toxic when something bad happened.

    I hope that answered your question. Take note Bing and Clyde was based on GPT-4 from OpenAI.  

  • vesataa

    At this point, Wolfshards, it's also risky to give out administration perms to Moderators/Admins, you're making a random "child" an admin. And we're not talking about people who host applications. They don't even know those people, they just put some requirements like "have at least 5k messages" and I don't think those messages are providing something safe. And I was thinking about making it kinda different in use. To avoid raids in discord servers people set specific permissions such as ban/kick/timeout, that is also dangerous but it's not really a full control. Speaking of clyde, what if people with only "Administrator"(Advanced Permission that lets the role manage server itself) permission would have access to clydes "commands"? At least in servers i've making, i was giving that "Admin" permission to people I TRUST. 

    - About broken AI.. i dont really think those outages are any of OUR problems.


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