the removal of discriminators, unreasonable.


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  • Crow

    vote for it to be stopped

  • Falcolmreynolds

    You are correct! nobody wants this change and it actively makes the messaging client (not social media platform, discord is not a social media platform) worse and more dangerous for its users.

    Please also add your vote and comment to the main thread here!

  • Wolfshards

    It's not only dangerous, but also a big issue. When i see Twitter, i see only worse experience due the abuse of handles. First the mention scamming was a nightmare for mostly users on the platform where when we got followed Discord on Twitter, someone have successfully find us and mention us without reason by adding an shady Discord link. It's just be a problem seriously!

    Here an example of the nightmare. This could be worse when people start using handle to mass mention for no reason. Im really upset about how bad is communications. Such Discord and Twitter being the same when evolution goes. They make money but they doesn't spend on security measures. Wow such a disapointement and again who needs handles? Im still always glad to see Xbox, Battlenet and others companies still using Discriminators for easier recognition of a real user. But still. Handle will never solve the issue of identity and crypto will not solve too. I guess the better way is keep Discriminator because Handle was just an violation of privacy and security anyways due to nature people can do anything to steal an account with an rare handle. It's a serious problem. Handle was not the only targeted but any platform that involve unique username only that was affected. Such like Minecraft for example. I just hope if Mojang and Microsoft could solve it after the migration to add their Discriminator from Xbox App inside Minecraft to not have the issue again. 

  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    I've been an active Discord user since 2016. I've seen Hammer and Chisel do some dumb stuff with Discord, but I have to say that this is the most ridiculous thing I have seen from them. Discriminators had absolutely zero problem, people could have the same name without having to make any modifications and it was extremely easy to follow when someone said what their username was. There was a problem with discriminators if you were dyslexic or accidentally hit the wrong button, but that's easier to remember than an entire handle of 13375p34k.  I really hope there's a way to opt out of this and keep the old user#discriminator format without any of the handle stuff, because this change to me is unreasonable.

    Change is not always good. The above statements about stealing accounts and targeted harassment are true too and have happened on other platforms. Discord is not social media, it's essentially IRC and AIM mashed together.

    I think if I had a choice to take Discord back in 2016 over Discord now, I would take it. The stuff that's been happening ever since Discord moved from the "Free voice and text chat for gamers" to the whole "Imagine a place" thing it seems to have been going downhill FAST.

    That's just my two cents though.


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