Video quality is terribly pixelated on level 3 server


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  • Ebiko

    since streams work pretty well on my end:

    does it happen only on the Streams or video Your recieve? or also for anyone else? 


    because if its only you , it might be your system , not discord nor them 

  • Nuri


    same problem here. Everytime a friend streams a video i can see every time resolution problems.

    As "Duckers McQuack" discribes: "...the resolution is basically 40 pixels tall and is basically a low res animated embrodery."

    I hope you can see the squers in this Screenshot.

    Is it a algorithym problem of Discord or a Server Problem?

  • Duckers McQuack

    Nuri; It's on almost every stream i watch and even my own for others and every person in the call. 8 people's webcam looked equaly mosaic with 40xXX pixel resolution. blurred the person's face, but this is the quality on most/all participants.

    top of the hair even shows odd screen door effect. That's how bad the quality is.

    I have 8700k 6 core with RTX2080 HW accelerating, and 300/30 pipe.

  • super00bird

    To this day, the problem is still ongoing. Please fix the live stream Discord!


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