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  • W5r

    نعم هذا اطراء مهم وفي غاية الدقه جميل

  • Ariさん

    This!!! For me, the issue isn’t being able to see them, it’s just them being able to see me. I don’t want them to be able to see and respond to me. That’s unnerving and I don’t feel safe. Blocked users shouldn’t be able to see messages from the person who blocked them. What’s the point of the block function if the only place they can’t respond to you is in DMs? I don’t want to have to leave a server over this, nor do I care to have them kicked from the server. The block feature is just super flawed.

  • Sparrow

    Truly don't understand how the block just makes THEIR messages in servers private to you. If anything the reverse would make more sense....please have it both ways.


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