Allow membership screening after assigning a role.


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  • Erkin Alp

    Membership screening API is still work-in-progress. The final version will include more features like application forms.

  • Nighthawk

    This feature is definitely needed because current integrations such as Twitch and Youtube allow users to bypass the membership screening due to the fact they have the Twitch or Youtube role given automatically. This seems to be a fairly large oversight. Servers who use the screening as a way to ensure users must look at the rules before they chat are not reaching any of the users who join through their connections tab in their user settings.

  • assimilater

    I want to add that that joining a discord server via a twitch/youtube/patreon integreation is **very** common. Also bots that allow self-assignable roles on reaction are **very** common. Having the system flag someone with a role has having been screened is a very bad design. There needs to be some kind of boolean flag that is given after they accept the rules so it is not so easily bypassed.

    I **desperately** want to incorporate the new membership screening feature as it would **dramatically** simplify permissions on the server. Currently we use a bot with a self-assigning role "react to indicate you have read and accept the rules". However to prevent confusion we make it so new members can only see this one channel which means we can't take advantage of **most** of the new community features (which honestly overall great job adding these valuable features, just wish I could use them)

  • Nimja

    Can we have any progress on this?


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    Related to:

    "Note: Granting a role to a new member will bypass this requirement."

    Bizarrely, if a user has ANY roles, the screening screen is skipped. This means that any server that uses bots for their members (like Patreon-linked discords) will never be able to use the screening screen.

    Please make it possible to have a user with roles STILL need to do this requirement.

    Possible solutions:

    • Setup a simple checkbox: ALL users need to agree vs only users without roles need to agree.
    • Setup "which roles need to agree" with Everyone being default and add more roles.

    This awesome feature is now unusable for many servers :(


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