Fix web UI on mobile


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  • feuy

    You can open it here You can log in to your user account and use it from there. Do you have any other problems?

  • Nicoya

    The problem is that the UI does not scale to a phone-sized screen. In portrait mode the chat window literally doesn't appear, and in landscape mode it's crushed down to a tiny little half-inch column. It's completely unusable.

  • sz

    when I go to on my iphone and log in, I can find five separate prompts inviting me to download the app, but I can't access the browser version at all. if I go to the site on my ipad there's an option to "Open Discord in your browser" but that doesn't appear when I go to the same site on my iphone, even though I'm using Safari on both.

  • alphatimberwolf

    Agreed with all of this. On my iPhone I use Chrome, Safari, or Edge. On Chrome, the discord website just wants you to download the app & ONLY download it. Even going to does the same thing. On Safari & Edge, you can go to the login site & it lets you log in. However, it won’t let you read the messages. Can you PLEASE fix this for all the iOS users that can no longer access our servers on the app? If you need evidence, I have photos. What Discord developers need to understand is not all of us have access to a computer nor an Android phone. Work with us here.

  • soblackismyself

    This crappy service is trying to force you to download the app in order to use it. I don't know why but I think something nefarious is going on so I will never download the app.

  • wanasuksumsol


  • Proxy

    Worst bit is, it does the same thing on Android phones. Same crushed UI, and everything.

  • Pandora

    Any updates on this issue? The Web UI is still toasted.

  • Potlit

    How the hell is this issue not fixed even after 9 months, this is stupid

  • DanDan

    Everyone, The website is now optimized on Mobile since June of 2022. Try it and It works!


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