Add ability to customize banner


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  • v6

    this is a good idea

    ur very cool tbc i hope this gets added

  • dire

    This is a very good idea, they need to add this.

  • imnotworthy

    This is a very simple yet creative idea. They should definitely add this

  • BenInklingPro

    I agree! I wondering the same thing after I updated the desktop client. :)

  • Unoriboas

    It would be pretty cool for this to happen.

    Could make it so that you don't have to stick with one color forever.

  • La Leche

    Yeah I wonder if they’ll do this but restrict it with Nitro. That would truly suck, I know that it falls under profile customization but it reminds be of a twitter banner and you don’t have to pay for that 


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