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  • Mirror

    My case i have 2 tickets for the “Trust and Safety” team that i didn't get a response for a month and its still unsolved by now. My account was hacked and the hacker is using that account to make more victims as time passes, and meanwhile i didn't get a single response from them. Pretty disappointing.

  • Neko Saber purrrrr

    This is because you failed there 1 shot appeal for there poorly made support system. Once you fail they won’t let you try again you will just be blocked from the support email completely and your account will be deleted.

  • Reese

    Neko Saber purrrrr 

    This is a bit abnormal. I wrote to them and on Twitter and on Facebook and they don't give a damn about me. 
    I'm very surprised that they have such a support system looking at the fact that this is such a big application earning fat millions. Well, i will have to move to another platform, where all the nitro mode accessories on discord are free on other apps. 


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