Tickets being “solved” without any changes or replies


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  • @UP2REP206

    i have to keep commenting to keep on one of my tickets to open, maybe because its a sunday?

  • G-corp

    I am currently going through this same issue. They are marking the information column on the right of my tickets with false information as well (saying i havent read the TOS when I have. Or saying I didnt use the same email to register my account, which I did do).


  • Freewings21

    They auto solve tickets after the first one and I've read that the Nelly bot is broken and discord knows about it but won't do anythin  

  • Reese

    G-Corp - I have the same problem. 

  • IvanDistrict

    I called, sent letters, replied to their twitter and facebook posts, direct messaged, email their board, and much more. All ignored.


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