Lack of response or clarification regarding false age ban.


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  • Mohkoyara

    Discord support is a bunch of hazard here, I have got disabled before for the proof of “your account maliciously sharing info to another user.” which was proven before and i did that at the year of 2023 February. After coming back to discord in the year of 2023 (June/July) , I kept getting disabled and flagged as a spammer for an unknown reason. And when I created a new account it asked me for a phone number. but my Iraqi phone number (+964 country code.) Somehow says “invalid phone number” When it was valid? I tried using other phone numbers. it sent a verification code and it says invalid code. Jeez discord sucks. So strict on their users. even for committing a minor rule.  (and yes i have appealed before.)

  • Cybertron231

    Please tell me if you get any updates, since I do have the same issue.

  • rigss

    Me as well. Made a ticket still no response! Hacked then my account was disabled.


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