"Deceased" status for the user profile.


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  • lokych

    I think this is quite an interesting idea.  Perhaps this is not so necessary for discord, and there will also be people who will abuse this and use it for their own purposes.  The idea has the right to life and further implementation.  So, if a person is playing with friends and is gone for a long time, they may be at a loss if their friend goes missing.  With such a function, his friends will immediately understand what happened and will be aware of this “situation”.  

    You can also consider this proposal: let the relative of the deceased be able to leave their contact information, which will only be seen by users added as friends.  This is necessary so that his friends can tell the relatives of the deceased something about him;  and so that other users do not see contacts — relatives do not need unnecessary worries.  I will repeat about the main idea NeverCookFirsts's — it is really interesting, it would be interesting to implement this on the Discord platform.

  • NeverCookFirst

    Thanks for the feedback, Loky, appreciate that and I totally agree with your idea about friends knowing right away what's up.

  • EndOS

    I think it's a good idea, some of my friends have been offline for a long time and I don't know what's up with them.

  • xelerd

    Yes, it's a great idea, but I don't think many people would use it, because it's not the first thing a deceased person needs. I think it is possible to somehow synchronize with user integrations. For example, if the Facebook/Instagram account is marked like this, then discord will mark the account, but it can be restored by the account owner.

    Of course, this will be used by users for the purpose of fun, but I think the benefits will be higher than the problems from the function…

  • Kerbal

    I really need this feature. I have set up my Youtube channel, Facebook profile and Instagram account in advance, and I have only a Discord account left.

    I hope that you will implement it!


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