Discord account hacked


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  • Reese

    do you know why you are left out? 
    because they don't have real people to work with. Their tech support is just bots

  • Mk_Shots

    I am in a very similar boat. I downloaded a “game” after a “friend” sent me a link and I watch Discord close before my eyes and I can't get back in. The issue has not been resolved yet, but here's how it's going so far.

    I submitted a ticket within 30 minutes of losing my account. I got an auto reply saying it was submitted and a few hours later, was told my ticket was submitted to Trust and Safety. After that, it took 13 days waiting before Nelly got back to me. They told me they can't help me because there is another account now linked to my email. Upon investigating, I believe the hacker placed a fake account on my email. They told me to follow up on the same ticket if I didn't place the account under there and they would handle it as soon as possible. Within 15 minutes, I told them that I didn't put the account under there and it was likely the hacker and asked them to remove it ASAP. Sadly, they closed the ticket after they responded. The ticket re-opened after I followed up, but sadly I think it is now in the back of the que. It is now day 23 since the ticket was first opened and 9 days of hearing from Nelly.

    My advice, don't open any more tickets. It sucks cause you can't even get a proper update from them and just have to sit there and wait while someone is impersonating you. They mention making multiple tickets for the same reason will cause your to go back to the que. Also, check your email to see if your account has a new Discord attached to it. I found out my hacker got into my email as well and put it in the deleted folder, and I saw it when I hit “forgot password” and entered my email to see a non-English email from Discord come my way. If you do, follow up on the open ticket right away and mention you want that account removed from your email. Nelly told me that hacked accounts get taken care of quicker if there is no account linked to that email since they can't place 2 accounts under the same email.

    Hopefully my experience so far helps a bit.

  • Ghosed

    They haven't told me anything or that they would send my case to Trust and Safety, I just opened the ticket and 0 responses, neither from a bot nor from an autoresponder or anything, you're welcome, the ticket has simply been there for 10 days without any response.


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