Option to remove Events from server channel list


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  • FireFrenzy


    I cant be the only one who remembered when discord was a piece of software that transmitted voice over the internet and JUST WORKED without all the added bullshit they seem to be doing these days. 

    Events, are probably useful to someone? Let me disable that please

    “set a channel status” is also probably useful to someone, let me disable this please

    Activities, are probably useful to someone? Although i doubt it those seem fucking useless…

    Explore discoverable servers, probably useful to someone, let me remove that button please

    Open Soundboard, is probably useful to someone (Skulker101 from therussianbadger videos is the only one who comes to mind though) 

    Hell that entire row of buttons could be folded into “you only see these if you mouse over them” or something like that.

    Fuck if i could adblock parts of the UI of discord like i can, and DO, do with websites not alot of it would be left i can tell you… 

  • Sae

    Same here, on numerous servers that aren't community servers, never have been, ones that even have only like 5 users…


    If you do, at least add a damn toggle or setting. This is so frustrating and this happens -so much- with so many random features that a lot of us DON'T WANT TO USE.

  • jovogi

    I have the same reasons on this matter!

    About the 'Events' tab appearing on servers. It's essential to have control over what features are present in our servers.

    Many of us would appreciate the ability to customize our server's layout to prioritize what's most important.

    I hope Discord considers adding an option to either delete or disable the 'Events' tab or, at the very least, allows us to rearrange it so that it doesn't clutter the top of our server channel list.

    The addition of customization options like these would be greatly appreciated by the community. 


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