Account Disabled (Suspicious Activity)


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  • prryplatypus

    Hey! Sorry to hear about that.

    You'd be better of contacting Discord support directly. You can do so:

    • Through this link if you believe your account was hacked/compromised.
    • Through this link if you believe your account suspension was the result of a moderation decision by Discord.

    Make sure the details you provide match exactly those from your account or they won't be able to help you out. Also note that they seem to take forever to provide a reply, and there's usually a period of 30 days before an account gets deleted, so the more details and the more correct the details are in your first contact with them, the better you'll be able to avoid this deadline.

  • Darkstar2182

    Thanks! Sent in my ticket.

  • Reese


    What you write is not true. People wait an eternity until someone graciously responds to them regarding their application.
    Despite a lot of information - such as personal information, photos with ID or even dates of account creation or nitro redemption nothing is done.

    I know from myself, sending a notification that was poured over 10 times demanding exact information for what reason my account was withheld. In their terms and conditions there is a notice which includes the sentence "that with each ban/suspension of the account the user gets information on his email with why it happened". Despite this, many people have not even seen such an email with their eyes - I am even one of them. Demanding any information, the support team prefers to automatically close my applications, as well as those of other users, and to ignore the issue, because, after all, nothing will happen to them if there are fewer people on discord.

    The only thing that hurts me is that my account existed for 5 years, I had no problems during that time, and yet my account was suspended. In addition, I am still being charged money for nitro, because my credit card was connected there. Discord, after I wrote to them about this issue, sent a bot with information that I should change my password. Funny, because in the case of withholding the account you can't even change the password :) 

  • _faz_

    discord steal our money and disable our account for no reason, we have to boycott and return on teamspeak, they really need to fall,  there is no justice


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