my discord account got disabled and i need help


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  • ZhyMon

    do they answer on the discord twitter page?

  • Reese

    Hi, Im sorry

    you won't get your account back. their weak support system won't allow it, better create a new account or change messaging apps

  • AIex

    yeah i’m in the middle of appealing myself. i told a server i was in for years that a scam call center in india (can clearly tell they are indian due to accent) called my place of work and that they can help me report it to fbi/ftc or waste the scammers time so that they don’t hurt vulnerable populations like the elderly, and according to discord that’s maliciously attacking a discord user…  there are literally discord servers made to track and hunt down scam centers so i don’t understand why i was disabled when they do it every day. 


    from what i understand so far you have 14 days (sometimes up to 30 days) before they terminate the account to appeal. the twitter pages do answer i think. i’m still waiting for a response from both twitters, my ticket and i might email tomorrow if i don’t hear anything. good luck.

  • Maurog

    It's basically hopeless. I had a discord account for eight years without any problems, and it got disabled for no reason. 

    No reply from support for an entire month to any of my appeals, then they deleted my account.

    Then they replied to the appeal that it's for an account that doesn't exist, and closed the ticket.

    Nothing I could do and I still don't know why.


  • Qrrz

    My account is disabled please check my account 

  • _faz_

    guys discord is exactly the Bermuda Triangle in virtual,  this is full bullshit, and do not respect their people, 

    discord deserves to fall now, they do not respect us and steal our money just before disable for no reason


  • Qrrz

    Please help me my account discord is disabled 

  • Christian Schumach

    You will not get any help from the discord support → Same for me used discord a few years already without problems got randomly disabled now and no answer for 1 month and then they auto delete your account…


  • Iago321lima

    my account was disabled, i need my account back!


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