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  • Jhall1430

    Privacy concerns aside, the decision to implement this new “experimental feature” (as Discord support refers to it as) without the ability to 

    A) disable the feature entirely

    B) configure it to not set a status upon joining a VC

    is an incredibly poor UX decision.

    Don't get me wrong, I absolutely understand the use in this feature to signal when you're away, and can see myself using it for those purposes. Why on earth does Discord think that having a VC full of people that are all “Chilling TBH” is a good idea?

  • Plasma280

    It seems that our feedback worked.  It has been removed.  Thank you for giving feedback everyone.  Also Thank You Discord for listening to our feedback.  Very much appreciated!

  • Plasma280

    Update:  Feedback was for nothing.  This “experimental feature” is back again.  24 April 2024


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